Boris Cepeda conducts Beethoven’s Ninth in Quito

On September 6, 2024, Boris Cepeda will take to the stage of the magnificent Casa de la Música concert hall in Quito to conduct Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony op. 125 in D minor. This performance not only marks the appreciation of one of the most important works in the history of classical music, but also the 200th anniversary of its premiere.

Under the direction of Boris Cepeda, the National Symphony Orchestra of Ecuador, supported by outstanding soloists and the renowned choir Voces Cantantes de Quito, will present an impressive interpretation of this masterpiece.

This musical celebration will also continue with an open-air concert on September 7, 2024. In an open air concert, the audience will have the opportunity to experience the magical atmosphere of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and the 4th Symphony by contemporary composer Maximilian Droste-Hülshoff.

These events not only promise an unforgettable musical experience for lovers of classical music, but also a cultural highlight for the entire Quito community.